Our Story

Initially, the farm was started for the experience and the self-sufficiency it would bring our family. Corey grew up on a farm, so he had a general idea of what he was doing. I, on the other hand, had no experience with farming, animals, or gardening whatsoever - but loved the idea of being self sufficient. We wanted the family to have the experience of growing our own fruits and vegetables and raising our own animals.

We had our hearts set on raising a baby cow. One day, Corey received a call from his Uncle saying that he found a calf out in his field abandoned by its mother. The calf was not getting milk and would surely die if left on his own. Corey's Uncle was unable to care for him and so we took our first calf home.

Fittingly, the calf was named Lucky - because he was lucky to be alive! Lucky brought so much joy to our family. He was friendly and curious, with a soft, sweet demeanor. He was gentle with everyone, including the dogs. In no time, another cow companion was brought home for Lucky. Rufus and Lucky became the best of friends.

Within a few short months, chickens were added to the backyard for fresh eggs. Goats were introduced and enjoyed foraging in the woods. Very quickly, we all learned that each animal had their own unique personality, and was capable of showing love and happiness. The bonds grew stronger with them every day, and they brought so much joy and peace to our family and friends. It wasn't long before we had our own little backyard farm and we couldn't have been happier…. Or at least we thought we couldn't get any happier!

Then we heard about two llamas in need of a good home. We had our small backyard farm in full swing, but we weren't sure about llamas. Corey had never worked with them before… and I loved llamas, but had no clue how to care for them! Regardless, we knew we had to save them. Hershey and KitKat came home with us, were welcomed by the other animals and officially joined the pack.

It was from that point on that the we knew our backyard farm was so much more than that...  it had become more like an extension of the family. The entire purpose of the backyard homestead was changed into a farm animal rescue. Requests started pouring in to rescue more animals and an overwhelming amount of support was received from the community. With the help of family and friends, the Lucky Llama Farm Animal Rescue was born - a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation pending 501c(3) status.

Please reach out to learn more, schedule a visit, donate, or find out how to surrender or get help with your llamas or other farm animals.

Warm Regards,

Jessica Buzzell, Founder

Lucky Llama Farm Animal Rescue, Inc