Our Work

The purposes of Lucky Llama Farm Animal Rescue are:

  • To provide an effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals by providing care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected, discarded, or slaughter-bound farm animals

  • To educate the public concerning the value of llamas and other farm animals

  • To place llamas and other rescue animals in compatible homes, if needed, where they will be treated fairly and ethically.


Rescues & Surrenders

We provide a safe space for unwanted farm animals so that they may receive adequate food, shelter, and veterinary care. Many animals of this type are adopted by families as pets without an understanding as to the full economic and time commitments required. Families alternatively adopt these sorts of animals to raise for agricultural purposes that turn out to be uneconomical or impractical. 

If you know of a farm animal that needs a safe and happy home, please contact us! We will be happy to discuss rehoming your animal at Lucky Llama Farm Animal Rescue.

*Unfortunately we are NOT able to rescue any more roosters. We love our neighbors and respect their right to quiet enjoyment! Thank you for your understanding.


Education & Advocacy

We are dedicated to educating the public about animal welfare advocacy and about the value of llamas and other farm animals. Through community outreach, involvement, and special events, we strongly desire to increase our efforts in this area over time.


Placement & Rehoming

As LLFARI grows, the need for alternate placement and re-homing of llamas and other farm animals will increase. We desire to form partnerships in our area with farms, sanctuaries and other animal rescues to ensure we can save as many animals as possible.